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Pizza Fun FactsJust how popular is pizza?

  • There are over 3 billion pizzas purchased in the United States every year with another 2 billion being purchased around the world, and still another 1 billion frozen pizzas being sold each year.
  • Pizza Delivery is huge business: Over 1 billion pizzas are delivered every year.
  • There are over 11.5 million pizzas sold every day.
  • The pizza market is over a $30 billion dollar a year industry 
  • Does it seem like there is an Italian restaurant everywhere you look? There are over 467,000 Italian restaurants just in the United States.
  • Want or need a pizza? With over 62,000 pizza restaurants in the United States, there will most likely be one near you.
  • Over 94% of the American population enjoys eating pizza.
  • October is national Pizza month.

When do hungry pizza eaters buy the most pizzas?
 ½ of all pizzas are purchased on Fridays and Saturdays, and the biggest pizza ordering day is Super bowl Sunday.

Just how much pizza do we really eat? Over 93% of the American population eats at least 1 pizza each month, and the average family eats pizza 30 times a year via delivery, dine-in, and carryout!

Why do most pizza ads picture a pepperoni pizza somewhere in the ad?
Pepperoni is the most popular topping in the U.S. with over 60% of all orders having it, and in Europe, tuna is the most popular topping.

Is the tomato really a “fruit” or “vegetable”? Arguably the tomato could be considered a “fruit” because a "fruit" is any fleshy material covering a seed or seeds; however, the United Stated Supreme court ruled it to be a “vegetable” in 1893 in order to collect import taxes. Fruit had no import taxes, and the U.S. growers wanted to protect their position by blocking lower priced imported tomatoes. By taxing the tomato imports they could keep their profits.

Just what kinds of pizzas are there?
Every type you could possibly imagine including peanut butter and jelly, even ice cream, and any other whimsical creation. In the U.S, there are 3 main regional styles of pizza. The East is known for enjoying the New York-style pizza which is considered to be the Neapolitan consisting of a light, thin crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and vegetable or meat topping. The Midwestern states prefer the deep-dish Chicago style pizza, which has a thick crust with loads of toppings. And people in the West Coast enjoy a more “sophisticated look” of light crusts topped with healthier vegetables such as sun-dried tomatoes and asparagus.

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Pizza History   Pizza Recipes   Pizza Fun Facts   Pizza Games   Pizza Records

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